Original vs. Art Print

Art makes you happy. Studies show that being around art improves overall health and happiness.

The more educated we are about art and what it means in the space around us, we start to understand the ways it can affect our mood. Now that I have created both the original piece and a print, I question what is more important to us - should I buy the original artwork or the print? While both from a distance may be the same, when we get closer and think deeper you may notice the difference. 


Why do you buy original art? Maybe there is something really authentic about buying a piece of original art. Or you are so drawn to certain colors and style the artist has that somehow it makes you feel so good inside. There are so many reasons why you buy it such as:

  • Unique - imagine having the original piece that no one else in the world has except you.

  • Support an artist - humans are guided by our emotions and knowing the artist and their story builds a stronger connection and in turn makes us feel wholesome and good.

  • Good investment - although, yes it may cost a bit more but when you acquire about a piece, the value of the artwork increases.

  • Fell in love - when you look at something and you just know you have to have it. There is no greater reason that that moment.


There is so much versatility when it comes to owning a print. I have found that what it comes down to in reality is money let’s be honest here. A print starts at $20 for 8x10in usually that’s the standard. Which is a good start if you are:

  • new and starting out your collection

  • conscious about keeping a low budget

  • can hang them in multiple locations (wall or propped against a shelf)

  • thinking about size. A print can come in a variety of sizes

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