30 Days of Travel Sketching

I had this idea of doing a daily sketch for 30 days that would illustrate places I have been to in my lifetime. I gave myself a time limit (about one hour) and a specific color palette to keep things very simple. The journey would start by my place of birth and take me to today.

For each sketch, I describe a moment I have felt while being there. It could be anything from interacting with new people, the smell of a flower or sharing a moment with a loved one. These memories go back 20 years but what I learned from this experiment and experience is that it made me feel grateful for the memories I’ve made so far in my life.

We often think about what’s the next best thing I can do NOW and always thinking of the future. It’s almost kind of greedy to want more and more sadly because how our society is structured. BUT the point of this is to take a look at the journey of where we all start and appreciate that for a little bit. This was the practice of gratitude.

For a deeper story of each piece (left to right), I shared them on my Instagram page every day. Have a look :)