Time Travel Commissions

I had a wonderful opportunity accepting a commission a few weeks ago from a client. As soon as I saw the photo reference she provided, I fell in love with it.

If you think about why we take photography…what are we trying to do? We are freezing time, that moment where we feel connected is so precious but that moment only takes a few seconds. We take a snap and then a few days later, months, years we look back and we think about that moment in time. In reality though how often do we take the time to look at a photograph in this crazy high speed world of ours.

Excuse my little intro, but it will give you more background as to why we react to certain things like taking a photo or turning a photo into a painting. The candid moment now is lasting forever. We dive in deeper to that moment - hanging in your hallway or any room in your home, you walk by it more often. Maybe you glance at it and smile a little. In a way it’s kind of like therapy - the painting calms the nerves and makes you instantly happy. It has so much positive power and it only grows over time.

As you can see the photo reference above that was provided by my client. That’s the moment and the inspiration to the painting, which I use to capture the feel of the whole piece. The medium of paint used for this project is watercolor and kept the brushstrokes loose to show the playfulness of the moment.

I would love to hear from you if you’re interested in a commission. You can email me HERE.

Laerta Premto