From Paris to Painting

Bonjour! How I started my journey to Paris, France and the time it took me to produce illustrations from my trip was not what I expected. This is proof to show you that time is a funny thing, but it's the process or the journey that we should pay more attention to. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 2.58.08 PM.png

At this point I had never traveled by myself before and after some research, I booked a trip with Contiki. It was a wonderful debut to traveling by myself but not completely alone because I had a guide and 24 other people from all over the world who I met on this trip. While I'm only highlighting Paris here, on this trip I also went to the UK and Spain. I was very nervous to even do this. I didn't know anyone but I took a chance and had an amazing time in the end!

While in Paris, I tried delicious food like le croque monsieur, the famous macaroons from La Duree and went to this amazing restaurant across the street from the Louvre called Le Nemours. The handsome gentleman on the top-left was my waiter and he was so nice, very accommodating and looked like a pro. I think the bow tie says it all but that's just me. I added him to the photo collage because he symbolizes the people I met on this trip who were kind and helpful. 

The Eiffel Tower

I remember stepping closer to the Eiffel Tower and thinking wow what a presence it has... People looked like little ants in comparison to its size. It was a hot hot July and people were in huge lines waiting to go up and see it all. The Eiffel Tower to me was such a symbol of strength and power. The design of the structure is so delicate and the fact that its medium is steel is remarkable.


The moments I shared and experiences you have when you travel, there is nothing in the world I could ever want more. These memories stick with you forever. As I painted this collection, I time traveled 2 years ago to that moment of when I saw the Eiffel Tower. Every brush stroke ignited a memory, a feeling of excitement and adventure. This whole journey from going on the trip to producing these illustrations for me is exciting to share not only my trip but what my thought process was in creating these beauties. I hope this somehow inspires you to travel more and take joy in adventure and in life. The world is a beautiful place and it is yours. 

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