Live Painting with Spectra Wired

What an amazing experience being able to paint live for people. So often artists are locked up in their studio alone with their thoughts, paint brushes and canvases as they're creating their work. Being in a public space with people around, engaging with others is definitely another perspective and in my opinion enhances the experience of any event. 

Partnering up with Spectra Wired Cafe was so great! It was actually my first time there and what a beautiful environment. I was set up outside on the patio across from the Brazilian Jazz band for 2.5 hours as I painted and yes I definitely couldn't help but dance a little. How could you not?!

People were intrigued and filled with curiosity as I painted for those few hours. They came to say hello and asked me questions about paints, medium and my inspiration. I think there is so much to learn about any topic and opening up that channel to communicate at an event like this is so great for our community. People maybe see artists on social media if they are interested but something like this feeds their mind on a different level and it's an experience that heightens their awareness of space, time and being mindful of the moment.    


Tropical Vibes

My inspiration from this piece came from thinking about my next trip where I will venture to Mexico. I started thinking about palm trees and I found a fabric that resonated with me. Then I added the drink because I thought well it's summer and it's refreshing! Also I am loving layers and transparency lately as you can see through the glass.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, please email me and I'd be happy to connect. Also if you know of an event and want to collaborate, feel free to contact me as well. Happy summer everyone!

xx Laerta