24 Hours in Portland, Oregon

Portland is a city like no other. I have only been to the west coast a few times mostly visiting California. Months prior to this trip, I received so many great recommendations to check out while my visit there. The main purpose of this trip was for a wedding in Mt. Hood, but I had the itch to explore Portland a little. Overall, I loved it and found it to be a really cool city to travel to. The people are very chill and the food is amazing! If you’re a foodie and a beer person, this is a place for you. Here are some places I saw while my stay there:


The Society Hotel

Entering this trip with a budget in mind, I knew I wanted to stay at a hostel somewhere or Airbnb but through my research, I found The Society Hotel to be the best fit for me. If I have limited time, I will work hard to pick a place that’s downtown or easy to get to the center. The beauty of this hotel is that they have bunk beds (hostel) and hotel rooms. Those of you who travel alone like me, the bunk beds were so comfortable and super clean and cost about $50/night. The best part is the café as soon as you enter. Already I was like okay I love Portland. If you stay here, you have access to the rooftop, which is so pretty to just enjoy a drink or coffee and chill. The vibe is very relaxed and modern – I will definitely go back there. 


Stumptown Coffee

I heard some major buzz about Stumptown Coffee so of course I marched myself there and tried it. Luckily, it was down the street from where I was staying so yay! You walk in and it’s a very modern vibe and simple decor. There is abstract artwork on the wall and people were either having a meeting or catching up with a friend. I ordered just a plain coffee and bagel even though I wanted to try everything. I sat by the bar facing the window outside (I love people watching) – enjoying my view while sipping the delicious coffee. A perfect way to start the day I say.


Lan Su Chinese Garden

Portland, Oregon being so close to China only separated by the Pacific Ocean, it’s no surprise that there is a major influence to the city. This botanical garden is located in Old Town Chinatown and also literally across the street from The Society Hotel. I found Lan Su Chinese Garden to be super inspiring with its beautiful flowers, cobblestone pathways and pond where you’ll see some water plants. Two days of the week there are events in the morning so I happened to be on the day there was a Tai Chi class lead by an instructor. It’s a really interesting experience and found myself so relaxed even felt like I was floating. In the garden, there’s also a Tea House where you can have yourself a cup of tea by the garden. This is definitely a place to not miss if you’re ever in Portland and have the time to explore. I spent about two hours in there.


Pioneer Courthouse Square

If you were to chronologically follow my fine suggestions, it would be about lunch time. So I would march to Pioneer Courthouse Square which is like an open plaza with steps to sit and enjoy you lunch. There are some cool food trucks so grab yourself some lunch and sit by the steps and enjoy the view. This really reminded me of Europe for some reason. The walk to the square took me about 15-20 min. I love to walk but you can also grab an Uber. The city throws a lot of activities during the summer – concert, festival, etc. and it’s worth checking out, plus it’s really close or maybe in Pearl District, which is absolutely my favorite part of the city. It’s like walking into a different city to Boston or NYC. It’s true that they say each corner of the city is like night and day.


Voodoo Doughnut 

Probably the most talked about doughnuts and attraction while here. It was definitely on my list to check out because hey when in Portland. Do not get intimidated by the line outside Voodoo Doughnut because it goes by really quick. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this place a lot! There are so much to choose from and the names are super cute. I’m boring and not into sweets as much so I got myself an old fashion cake donut with chocolate. I know, I’m so cool but hey at least I checked it out.


10 Barrel Brewing

I did not plan to go here, but it’s something I saw as I was wondering about and I’m REALLY happy I walked in. 10 Barrel Brewing is a beer company (duh) from Oregon and this place has all of their beers on tap and a kitchen so you can eat and drink. One of the best things is that it has a rooftop and you’re able to grab a table and eat on top. Very cool - loved this place a lot!! I was alone so I sat by the bar and made some new friends :)

Hope you get to see Portland, Oregon and if you do, please write to me and tell me how you liked it. If you’re traveling by yourself near and far, there is always something to appreciate. Beauty is found everywhere - you just have to look for it :)